Interior Paint Colors To Help Sell Your Home

One of the first things buyers see when they walk into a home that’s on the market is the color on the walls. Your goal as a seller is for them to not notice it – unless they’re breathing a sigh of relief they won’t have to paint.   A fresh, neutral coat will help […]

The Ins & Outs of Titling Your Property

While most homes are bought by married couples, changing demographics and societal norms have led to increased numbers of single buyers, unmarried partners, siblings and multiple generations buying homes together. The relationship of co-buyers influence how they choose to hold title to the property.   “Individuals who buy homes on their own simply hold title […]

Buying With Your Pets In Mind

For many of us, pets play a central role in our home life, so taking into account what is best for them when buying a home is important for both their happiness and that of your entire household.   Your neighborhood   When looking for homes that are well suited to both you and your […]

10 Architectural Design Trends for 2021

Whether you’re renovating to sell, remodeling your home or looking for a new house, following design trends can help you make a good investment. While sellers need to be careful to avoid overspending, understanding the priorities of today’s buyers can help them tweak their staging or make minor adjustments to attract top dollar for their […]

Seven Interior Design Trends for 2021

The time that so many of us spent at home last year inspired change in many ways, especially in how we live in our houses. Remodeling spending spiked in 2020 among people who were able to work from home, and many homeowners made small tweaks to their homes to increase their comfort and beautify their […]

How to Make an Office in your Closet

This is the Trendiest Accessory in Your Closet Storage is always near the top of the list for buyers who long for an organized home. While that hasn’t changed, a new priority has emerged since the pandemic led to a rise in working at home and attending school remotely: the need for office space.   […]

Don’t Fall For These Housing Scams

In the age of the internet, technology has become an essential part of everyday business. However, this rise in technology has made it easier for cyber criminals to trick unwitting individuals into giving out sensitive information that compromises their finances.   This is also true in the real estate industry, where scammers can take advantage of […]

Here’s How Buyers Have Adapted To Today’s Competitive Market

Homebuyers in 2021 are facing one of the most challenging markets anyone has seen, says Larry “Boomer” Foster, president of Long & Foster Real Estate.   “Demand is through the roof, with buyers competing against 15 to 25 offers on properties that are priced right and show well,” Foster says. “When they’re competing against all-cash […]

Reasons To Add Residential Real Estate To Your Portfolio

With the recent stock market volatility, investors may be looking for opportunities to diversify and protect their investment portfolio against the dips and the potential for inflation. Over the long term, real estate provides steady appreciation and is usually an excellent investment response to inflation. Savvy consumers are becoming increasingly interested in owning property to […]

Calculating Square Footage

Calculations for the square footage of a home are taken fromthe outside dimensions of the structure (so exterior and interior wallthickness is included). If your home exterior is easily accessible, you cando it yourself with a 100-foot tape measure.   Any space that has walls (knee walls 5 ft or higher), flooring, ceiling(7 feet or […]